2 August 2018

Die monastiese & asketiese voorbeeld...

Was die monastiese Christen ordes van die post-Romeinse ryk nie dalk die primêre oortuiging vir die aanvaarding van 'n Christen/suksesvolle moraliteit en uiteindelik Christen Westerse beskawing nie?

Veral as gevolg van die monastiese en asketiese gedrag wat die onbeskaafde massa oortuig het dat beskawing groei uit innerlike selfbeheersing en nie uit materiële vooruitgang nie?

As dit die geval is, verklaar dit dalk hoekom vandag se onbeskaafde massa nie die skuif na beskawing maak nie.

Wat is die post-Christen humanistiese meganisme om beskawing te vestig waar dit nie is nie en te beskerm waar dit wel is?

4 October 2017

A civilization is a community of trust!

A Civilization is a community of trust. The ecosystem of trust include species like, the rule of law, safety and security systems, subsistence, culture and language, knowledge generation, faith and religion and commerce and wealth.  All these species are critically inter dependent on the diversity of trust relationships.  Anyone should intuitively know what happens if the ecosystem of trust fails. When species die out, when fires ravages through large fields of trust. Truly an apocalyptic vision we all came to know from modern writing and films.

However, instead of preparing for the post-civilization apocalypse, start planting the seeds of trust, deep rooted trust, worthy of a modern civilization.

Acknowledge the destructive fires that ravaged the ecosystem of trust. Walk through the ruins of distrust and start nurturing the seeds of trust that carries the DNA of divinely granted grace and righteousness.

Do you know what breaks down trust in your community?  Why do you allow the malignant pathogens of distrust to keep killing off species of trust. Is it maybe because you don't have the life gene of Christ's redemption in your expectation of trust (i.e. being loved and redeemed by God is the only true reason anyone can be trustworthy). Yes, Christ is the divine source of trust that is still making the Western civilization the ever becoming garden of God's kingdom!  All peoples of the earth are invited to find this true source of trust.

Mat 13:31 and 32 (NIV)
He (Christ) told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.”

15 August 2017

The way things are in South Africa.

The challenge South Africa faces, might be useful for other nations to consider.

This is simply the way things are in South Africa. 

White South Africa ceded power, to a post-apartheid inclusive government, in 1994, in order to stop blacks from killing each other and wrecking progressive institutions like schools, housing and local community businesses - predominantly within the largest and most vulnerable demographic unit of the country - Black South Africa.  This strategy was planned by, or on behalf of, the ANC and they called the self-destruction the "People's War", full well knowing that the global community will pressure the "apartheid government" to cede power because it was presented as the "only solution" to the "ungovernable" black masses.

Those same "master minds" and/or "master executioners" of the self-destructive "People's War" are still openly destroying the remaining progressive systems in South Africa, simply because they still want to complete the socialist effort of the destruction of progressive civilised communities - in the hope that some fantastic socialist society will rise from the destruction. The only difference now is that the global community has, for some reason, turned against this continued destruction of wealth. Maybe it is also because all the past and present socialist experiments are still prime examples of the destruction of civilised existence - with Venezuela the most recent example.

With this in mind, the question remains, what will it take to halt the current destruction of wealth and civilised living in South Africa?

Without knowing the answer, at least one lesson is clear... To gain power in a modern nation you simply need to make the global community belief that a large enough portion of the society is ungovernable, regardless of the methods you use to achieve that state of conviction. The reward will be some new kind of control over the government and all wealth creating systems! For those idealists who think democracy is the de facto nexus of this kind of power... Please show where democracy requires the voting mases to be governable, progressive or civilised?

28 March 2017

Righteousness & Art.

Righteousness leads to the undeniably true meaning that enters human awareness, from which follows all forms of art, as it builds all possible pictures of conscious states, and righteousness is always the origin of distinction.
Art is the undeniably new meaning that enters human awareness, from there follows all current ideas, as it builds from the certain and uncertain, from the right and the wrong, and art always leads the way.

God => righteousness => art => all ideas & actions

Therefore, righteousness leads to an eternity of new experiences...

It now seems reasonable to ask if we truely know where righteousness comes from?

Note that unrighteous people, just as righteous people, also do amazing and wonderful art, because they experience their state within the same kind of knowledge about righteousness. This is undeniably clear when we experience any and all art, just as much as the conclusion of unrighteousness and righteousness are intuitively clear.