26 September 2014

Information Content of the Universe


Reality as information is put in favour of an anti-Theistic polemic in "Decoding Reality" as follows (Book by Vlatko Vedral)
P1. Theistic propositions include God created Ex Nihilo
P2. Theistic propositions is not an explanation, because of an infinite explanatory regress to get to God's existence/properties (a la, Richard Dawkins, God Delusion)
P3.Information explains its own existence as information generates additional information that needs to be compressed thus generating more information.
C. The information content of the universe is self existing

There is a lot of criticism against the premises of this polemic.

These can be considered:

My polemic argument against "Decoding Reality's" informational "self existing"  interpretation of reality is thus:
P1. Information propositions presents information as the self existent building block for reality - due to information compression creating information.
P2. Information propositions are not a coherent explanation because the compression algorithms are self-referential and also need an infinite explanatory regress to account for compression as an information generating mechanism. (a la Marks, Dembski, Godel, Penrose et al.)
P3. The self sufficient explanation of any kind of information, Quantum or otherwise is not logically self evident and needs to demonstrate the impossibility of its counter claim -  A counter non-information state of "1 unchanging bit" or an "unbounded infinite uniformity of one state", has to be explained away to confirm the self sufficient nature of information.  This has not been done. (Why there is something rather than nothing?)
P4. Patterns and their abstractions has never been shown to exist in the same dimentional sphere i.e As experienced by human consciousness and all known instantiated information. All known physical states that can contain information does not force any informational demarcation on the types of abstractions that a physical state can represent - any syntax can carry any abstraction, because a mind can interpret it towards any possible abstraction. The only rational description of this phenomenon is that abstractions are real and independent of matter.
P5. The counter explanation of causal reality is a non-infinite regress, of purposefully demarcated states to the First Cause, that demonstrably requires an Agent capable of generating an infinite amount of information through intentional demarcation. (This is possibly the most fundamental view on reality and since
 I first wrote this I have been informing this view from the work of William Dembski.
Being As Communion: A Metaphysics of Information

C. Information as a self existing description of reality is a self-referential incoherent proposition.

For a mildly critical review of Decoding Reality:

The conclusion is that research into quantum information systems does not disallow any dualist or theistic reality.

A sober example of a dualist atheist view comes from David Deutsch. He holds to the existence of abstractions as real aspects of reality:

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