8 July 2015

Greek Tragedy.

Looking at the current "Greek Tragedy", it seems to be clear that the accumulation of wealth is almost the exact opposite of the accumulation of goods/services. It is as if the needs that goods and services fulfil are also the chains that bring your enslavement. How long will Greece have to pay for the accumulation of wealth by other “more productive” nations, before they are back in line and taking part in the eternal fight to accumulate wealth at some other fool's expense?

Clearly the most productive nations in the EU, like Germany and France etc., managed to export all their debt as well as all their inflation and the "Rules of the monetary system" now faces a dilemma, with Greece and others, which they seem to have ignored. It has always been clear that in a single currency nation you simply foreclose/sequestrate the poor individual consumer that accumulated more goods than wealth and thereby "took over all the debt and inflation" of the producers that sold them the goods – After being sequestrated, the debt “disappears” and they can then start over and after a short period of being under "supervision", try the game of accumulation of wealth again. (Please note that, in a single nation, only an individual's estate is at jeopardy and nobody outside of his/her estate, least of all the entire nation or community.)

Which leaves me with the question... Why do we still only allocate value to goods/services and not allocate value to the actions of minds that cause valuable configurations of ideas and configurations of matter to come into existence?  Why is accumulation of wealth a "divine right" when the actual value is the "creation" of value and not the "accumulation" of value through the trade in configurations of matter that result from mental effort?

It seems as if our current system will always reward the accumulation of value more than the creation of value, always leaving humanity vulnerable to greed and other war like behaviors.  The current system can change!  The current system is changing!

If the value of things are the ideas that caused the thing to come into existence, then ideas are the true measure of wealth and it seems more difficult to actually accumulate ideas as property, just ask the Chinese... Ideas from all over the globe simply flow into China and the Chinese just execute the "implied material configuration" to become an object of value.  This “object of value” can be turned into money/reward to whoever makes a claim of value on that object and then the money can be accumulated like fat is accumulated in a glutton's body. The problem is the fact that the value is not actually in the object but in all the minds that contributed to the useful configuration of matter, like a Smart Phone in your hand, actually being used etc.

How long will we have to put up with allocating value to the "accumulation" instead of allocating value to the "creation" of ideas that cause configurations of matter that can actually supply; 
abundant energy, space exploration, eradication of hunger and disease, sustaining the biosphere, feeling valued?
How many urgent and useful configurations of ideas and configurations of matter are being suppressed because they cannot be accumulated as objects by the current system?  How many wasteful practices abound because selling "lots of goods" are the measure of value, instead of ideas to bring the highest quality of existence, for the entire biosphere, through good sustainable ideas?

The mind based economy will be suppressed by capitalism and socialism and communism and fascism and neo-feudalism and any system that tries to accumulate wealth instead of simply creating wealth through ideas only!

P.S. When it comes to our need to supply for future uncertainties then it is still clear that, ideas that lead to a configuration of matter that has the ability to supply life and good living, even when there is a potential future of scarcity, are not accumulation of wealth, but still only the creation of yet another good sustainable idea. "Accumulation of wealth" remains a mute construct when it comes to progress.

P.P.S. Bad ideas can be exposed and rejected by good ideas... If this article contains bad ideas, then at least I know that some good ideas can replace it... to the same extent that more bad ideas can also make it worse still, or suppress the possible good ideas flowing "freely" from this article.

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