4 July 2015


I think that the question of intelligence is actually a question of how you apply your will to minimise distractions.  If you manage to approach a logical demand* and you can reduce the distractions effectively you will achieve a solution faster and more accurately and that is usually assigned the meaning called good intelligence.

The physical structures that also account for distractions can, to a large extent, be overcome, but there are instances where the physical distractions remain overwhelming and is most pronounced in mental disabilities.  The importance for any self-therapist or assisted therapy seems to be able to accurately discern physical from psychological distractions and it seems as if materialism will be fundamentally incapable of making this distinction - to the detriment of intellectual development.

The consequence of this proposed definition for intelligence is that less intelligent people will always be able to achieve similar feats of logic, than more intelligent people, because the art of reducing distractions can be acquired and time is not a necessary property of intelligence anymore.

The kind of fast or slow intelligence that is required to achieve certain objective is therefore dependent on the objective and not a stereotype of intelligence. Sometimes you will need fast logical responses and sometimes not.

The final conclusion is therefore that a disciplined mind is more fundamentally important than a fast mind. Which calls for a personal evaluation of what is influencing your mental dissipline. Personally I think the best mental dissipline comes from a mind that is committed to the Spirit of God and not my own physical being.

*A logical demand is any effort of assigning meaning to a structure that possess universal meaning#.

Notes on notes:
#Universal meaning is the kind of meaning that transcends the consciousness that allocate the meaning because it retains that specific meaning regardless of the individual - It is shared meaning that connects other minds. Whether it is possible for any kind of meaning to "not" possess universal meaning, seems to be unproven or even unprovable.  Which means that any individual's unique ideas can only be real because it is observable opposed to being hidden.

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