16 December 2013

What I think about Consumerism...

Just when we almost convinced ourselves that we are "just" organisms consuming physical resources, we found out that, the way in which the internet and social media are being used is conclusive prove that we are in fact minds that consume vast amounts of ideas about love, beauty, good, evil, lies and truths.

There does not seem to be a physical limit to ideas and consuming ideas might be the only way we can find harmony with nature.
I don't just want to survive, I want to thrive in ideas about every possible aspect of reality.

Telling me that I am just a consumer of ideas or information in the same sense as I am consuming food is a misplaced materialist idea about reality. This has the potential to turn everyone into mindless zombies, simply because... what we convince ourselves about, usually forms part of our behaviour.

What kind of ideas are you consuming?

"Good explanations" and "an open mind to find better explanations" are my favourite cuisine. 

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