10 February 2014

A practical challenge to live and let live...

As a member of the human race, I would like to make an open challenge to all world leaders and any leader in general.

"Come out and commit yourself unconditionally and publicly to the singular goal of ensuring the sustainable availability of the most fundamental physical resource - ENERGY."

  • This challenge is founded in my deep desire to leave a world behind that has overcome the horrors of the global resource wars of our current state and recent past. Major resource conflict started 100 years ago during World War I.  
  • This challenge is logically founded in my deep conviction that the human race has already unlocked the secret of abundant energy, in the form of Nuclear Energy.
  • All the existing barriers to this objective can only be removed by the will of the people because, at this stage of human development, it is only the behaviour of people and not their environment that prevent the success of this challenge.
  • All forms of scarce resources; physical (like minerals) and social (like money) has become a virtual deficiency ever since the development of energy from nuclear sources like uranium and thorium. (Thorium is far more abundant than uranium.) 
  • This challenge has to succeed to ensure the future of our entire biosphere and cannot be subdued by MAD (mutually assured destructive) behaviour. Most recently exposed by the Ukrainian Crisis.
  • This challenge is therefore purely a question of geopolitical will and solidarity of human beings.
  • This challenge does not exclude any barrier to this single objective.  If a decision obstructs progress towards abundant clean energy to all, then this challenge apply. 
  • This challenge does not include any barrier appart from this single objective. If a decision cannot impact the supply of abundant clean energy to all then it does not apply to this challenge. 
  • Just ENERGY to all...
  • For example; Barriers to the abundance of energy, that is associated with the preference of renewables or fossil fuels will detract from this objective.  It will only perpetuate resources deficiencies.
  • With enough energy, the effects of fossil fuels, nuclear fuels and renewable methods can be dealt with and overcome.
  • With abundant energy the number of new markets and new products can propel human civilisations into a future of  an ever increasing number of solutions.
  • With enough energy the social effects of scarce resources can also be dealt with and overcome.
  • It is mind over matter that can trump the "curse of physical resource deficiencies" . 

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Michael said...

This challenge fits a universal agenda that includes my belief in human stewardship under God's grace through Jesus Christ.