20 November 2014

I am critical of mindless processes dictating the explanatory landscape of our being.

I am critical of mindless processes dictating the explanatory landscale of our being.  This is not because of any metaphysical consideration but because of what nature reveals...

Evolutionary processes being revealed by modern science are far from proof of mindless processes.  The true nature of genetic variation in nature is far from random or aimless.

To introduce you to this reality of genetic variation processes, consider James Shapiro's book on the subject... See this book review:

From the book review:
//Consistent with similar arguments by proponents of systems biology, Shapiro points out that genes alone are incapable of any action, let alone self-replication. The activities involved in replication, repair, and the production of novel functions are produced by “natural genetic engineering.” Philosophers in particular may be disturbed by that description in the belief that it implies the need for an engineer. However, Shapiro stresses that these adaptive behaviors are not reducible to the effect of any single attribute or component in the cell, but typically rely on the co-ordinated actions of different functional elements. Many of the technical sections go into great detail explaining how cells function and develop in much the same way as any intelligent organism, i.e. by sensing the environment, transmitting signals, and even “decision-making.”//

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