11 December 2014

Eternal intentions.

Industrialists ultimate weapon of oppression has always been, "the machine can do your job", now we have industrialism, humanism and consumerism all mixed up and what do we get?...

Rhetoric like Astro boy:

I have been thinking what the objective of these kinds of messages would be?

It seems like it direct attention away from biological research that is supposed to aim to create the best version of a physically instantiated mind, and any symbiotic organism.   This objective only recently became an informational challenge by focusing on genetic code restoration as the means to indefinite, restored & sustained physical bodies. I think Steven Hawking should have promoted gene restoration research if he wants to live for ever.

I just think it stupid to work with inferior mechanical systems, where the biological systems already outperform all known informational systems.  Augmenting our bodies through extending our mental control to machines is "old hat" and will just get better. But the moment you want to maintain a mind, work from the best and largely unexplored instantiation (a human body) and use it to the fullest.

Jump with me to, what I consider to be, the biggest challenge in this regards:
The biggest challenge for humanity is ethical, not technical... There will be lots of evil initiated by individual intentions to survive at all costs and those eternal intentions seem to be innate...

Christians belief our eternal intention to be fully met by Christ.  In Christ there is no reason to crave or covet any of the ultimately eternal intentions we might have - this include any dream you have and things you want to experience... In Christ we have that promise from the only Being that can make a promise like this!

We are just left with a mind/soul that can align to God's moral intentions - while we know all godly intentions will be met, in the eternal flow of our consciousness. We can achieve the highest level of understanding of the biosphere and the universe, through science... but without greed or fear of death, fueling our intentions for knowledge.

What will you be doing to ethics and your own moral behaviour...

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Michael said...

And then there's the movie... Jupiter Ascending... What to say about this movie's plot and what I have been thinking about last year? Have I been programmed or are there messages floating around in the ether?