11 February 2015

Why I think Christianity is different from Islam...

I have found it fair to discuss the fact that the Islam was only successful after Muhammed changed his moral teachings to include a theocratic world empire and sensual promises to the men who would be the warriors in the army he required for this earthly conquest by physical force, that actually never stopped since the day Mohammed and his army left Medina...

Then contrast this against the teaching of Christ, declaring "... my kindom is not of this world." Nothing in Christianity ever managed to subvert this teaching of Christ.  The efforts of Christian emparors failed every time and not by the hand of outsiders, but by the hand of Christians declaring the authority of Christ over any oppressing regime (... including church regimes that has become subverted by pride and human vanity)

Christianity believes in a risen Christ that set humanity free to have a personal unforced relationship with God and love in solidarity with all humans that need God's love in equal measure.

The most violent episode in the New Testament was enacted against Christ in an attempt to end His Word... It failed!

One of the other violent events described in the New Testament was when particular lies in the early church was judged.  Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5) both died... not by earthly force but, purely because of their personal deceitfulness.

I personally see it in the light of Ananias and Sapphira, both, experiencing such a large personal burden of guilt without repentance that they both succumbed to that strain and died due to the unbearable emotional impact of their sin.

It was clear that the church was ready to accept them back, if they managed to "come clean" before Christ and accept his salvation.  But they seem to have tried to carry the guilt and it led to their death. Their demise is still a harsh lesson about how violent the reality of sin is and how powerful the grace and salvation of Christ still is - gently wayting for us to freely share in it.

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