25 June 2015

Past... Present... Future

How do you describe going back in time in a purely materialistic manner?  
Matter as we know it seems to be fundamentally just all (matter/energy inclusive) states that might change. 

What does it mean for states that might change, to go back in time?  
Does it mean that a state achieve exactly the same state of something that was already realised in the past?  But then, also included in that "past state", is some state that existed/exists in the current state, just to validate that the state that is supposedly "the past" is actually from the past... Without this "verification state" it will not be possible to discern a state as being a past state or going into a past state - Without a "verification state" all states will just be states. 

But what can qualify as a valid "verification state"?
It seems like a clear case of an infinite regress/search/effort of being a "verification state". Maybe a singularity... logically devoid of all possible material properties... Therefore non-material, but observing and therfore interacting!

The reality seems to necessarily point that there simply is no such a thing as a material, tensed flow of time.  With 'just matter" there is just states that might change and without a non-material observer there just is no awareness of possible change... Material nature "looking" at itself is logically excluded. State A might be followed by state B and neither state A or state B "knows" what any of those states are and where it fits into a tensed flow of states.

The conclusion seems to be rather simple.  When it comes to matter, the non-material mind that we seem to necessarily possess can always access the past through the simple act of being aware of changing states.  Therefore there seems to be something that can access the past necessarily metaphysically and integrate it into any and all tensed experience including the now and future.

I still thinks that this analysis convince me that, before the Creation, God was the only truly unitary self-aware Being.

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