15 October 2016

Modern sin-eaters!

If you ask me what kind of evidence do I have that Paganism is on the rise in modern society, then I would analyse the rise in the old pagan belief in sin-eaters. Sin-eaters have been those pariahs that bears the rejection that is supposed to be the salvation of a community. You could study the news and social media to see if there are any support for my claim.

But as a personal test to see your own need for sin-eaters ask yourself how easy do you find it to join the mob with their pitch forks and spades running after the one that is "causing" all your community's sorrows?

The post-pagan Christian world that we all know, in principle, knows that all of us are moral pariahs in need of individual salvation. But ask yourself how easy it is for you to ignore your own need for salvation while you consciously transfer your own evil to some poor sin-eater, that can actually do nothing to restore your rightiousness, but makes you feel better or forget your own depravity.

I know of no civilised society that can exist for long while they adhere to pagan beliefs. But I know that some modern civilisations have overcome paganism, generation after generation, as the rightiousness from God in Jesus Christ are revealed to each new generation.

Modern paganism is just as destructive as it was in the past.  Therefore, be careful about how you find peace and happiness in this age.

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