11 November 2016

The desaster caused by the anti-nuclear lobbyists!

The fact that climate change supporters actively undermined the development of next generation nuclear energy, since the 1960s already, is most probably the single biggest reason why world economies are still fossil fuel dependent... It could have been much different already, were it not for the toxic anti-nuclear propaganda!

Which brings me to distrust the current stance on why there might be critical issues with our readiness for possible severe climate phenomenon - a fact that overshadows the question about "who did it".

The anti-nuclear lobbying should take full responsibility of the current "fossil fuel burning psychosis" of modern economies - Guess what? It has always been Greenpeace!

P.S. With abundant nuclear energy the number of new and clean environment improving industries could have given us economies capable of sustaining all life... (... including the millions of humans killed through abortion as well as all the species on the brink of extinction). To list a few:
* Large scale desalination for residential human consumption & industry consumption as well as contained vertical commercial farming
* Sulphur (and other polutant) capturing and neutralisation for metallurgical processes, including cement manufacturing and many other poluting industries
* Value added processes to sustainably extract high value materials from fossil fuels i.e fossil fuels becomes high value fossil carbon materials instead of just being burned
* Space exploration will have enough energy to actually bring the necessary technology and materials into space.
* IT Server farms would have unlimited processing capability, bringing knowldge and solutions to all industries and societies.
* Large scale desaster efforts needs large scale energy supply to protect nature and life in general.
* Distributed energy supply can be sustainable with next generation modular nuclear technologies.
* Environmentally friendly cities and rural communities can be successfully energised.
* Successful protection of endangered ecological areas
* Concentrate commercial farming into smaller areas, including vertical farming, to allow nature to take back traditional farm lands

The list actually goes on and on... but none of these can be successfully achieved without abundant concentrated energy generation made possible by small modular nuclear energy.
The anti-energy lobbying has to answer for the psychotic strategy of forcing the world into severe energy deficiencies.

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