28 March 2017

Righteousness & Art.

Righteousness leads to the undeniably true meaning that enters human awareness, from which follows all forms of art, as it builds all possible pictures of conscious states, and righteousness is always the origin of distinction.
Art is the undeniably new meaning that enters human awareness, from there follows all current ideas, as it builds from the certain and uncertain, from the right and the wrong, and art always leads the way.

God => righteousness => art => all ideas & actions

Therefore, righteousness leads to an eternity of new experiences...

It now seems reasonable to ask if we truely know where righteousness comes from?

Note that unrighteous people, just as righteous people, also do amazing and wonderful art, because they experience their state within the same kind of knowledge about righteousness. This is undeniably clear when we experience any and all art, just as much as the conclusion of unrighteousness and righteousness are intuitively clear.

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