1 February 2016


For me it is difficult to admit that it seems as if Christ's return is close at hand. But it might not be for a reason that most people's theology will accommodate, even though I think it is not really controversial.

Simply put, I think the reason for Christ's eminent return is because of the rapid divergence of human technology and human moral capability.  As our ability to change anything about our environment, through technology, increases... our ability to achieve the required moral competence inevitably force us towards a requirement of moral perfection that can only be attained by Christ (... in particular Immanuel... God with us).

Therefore humanity will either destroy itself because of an inability to achieve the required moral perfection or Christ will return to rule with the only Godly righteousness capable of the required perfection.

For some obvious reasons I will argue that all non-Christian efforts to moral perfection resort under the same "humanist's amoral effort" that has lost touch with moral advancement ever since the earliest history of their naturalist & pantheistic convictions that deny God's morally perfect intentions for his creation. Therefore it make sense to see the humanists actively opposing human development because many of them know the consequences of the moral requirement for sustained progress.

Just to prove my optimistic outlook on progress, I conclude that this leaves me with the conviction that any Christian is obliged to advance any kind of technology to converge with the required kind of morality... It will inevitably lead to the gospel of Christ, Immanuel... God with us!

Can you be progressive for a better reason?

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